Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wish you were here! "Ada - Accra"

Welcome to  Ada. Located in the eastern region of Greater Accra, Ada is a former trading post for palm oil, palm kernels and rubber.  Ada has evolved into a major tourist attraction with miles of coconut palm trees and clean golden sandy beaches.

The peacefulness of Ada allowed us to experience rare tranquility as form a of escapism from the stresses of Cambridge and the city life. Indeed, whilst breathing in the fresh clean air, I was reminded that tranquility matters for everyone.

Hidden from flight paths, roads and souvenir shops, Ada has some beautiful natural landscapes which ought to be conserved and preserved for the future.  Unfortunately, parts of the coast lines are eroding and washing away the town’s buildings  into the sea.
It was a privilege to visit a friend’s private island which was still very much intact  and thriving with tortoises and coconut palm trees. 

If you visit Ghana, Ada is a must!

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