Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Just flowers?"

"Just flowers" 
Just flicking though my pictures, I am beginning to realize that my love affair with flowers appears to be never-ending. Indeed, 'petal power' evokes positive emotional stimuli which can be immediate and long-term. Aside from the commonly associated visual aesthetic pleasures of seeing flowers, I simply cannot help it but 'smile', which suggests that there are emotional rewards associated with flowers. Even psychologists attesting to the 'floral attraction' hypothesis also suggest that, there are recognizable features such as the activities of the zygomatic muscle (smiling) which highlight a positive response to flower stimuli, Dimberg and Thell (1988). 
Smiling can be used as a reliable indicator of positive emotional and secondary effects on moods because of the cognitive processes that align (happy) memories with the 'positive' sensory elements evoked by flowers. The brain is a beautiful thing isn’t it? Imagine all those multi-channel sensory interactions busy at work helping to make me 'happy' . Well, it would be interesting to actually understand the neurobiology of emotion in terms of the psychological relationships between flowers and human's sensory properties , but I will leave that to the biologists and psychologists.


Friday, 20 September 2013


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Meet My Twin.....

Favourite, PPS 
I like to exhibit colour, whether I’m playing with traditional or contemporary themes. Anyone can wear any colour as long as it’s the correct shade and texture. My style is about being consistent and comfortable. In being comfortable I am confident.
When it comes to tailoring, I think that Oswald Boateng and Adrien Sauvage show an appreciation of colour that makes traditional themes fit in a new way. Boateng has changed the way tailors approach certain garments, and has helped people understand and wear garments in a way that is different; handmade doesn’t need to mean heritage.
Worst fashion faux pas? In my youth I might have worn a pair of sunglasses inside a night club

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Illamasqua The Complete Face 'Set'

Ratings:  1(poor quality) - 5 (worth the purchase)


Rich Liquid Foundation  5/5
( Amazing!! this my 'best buy' foundation ever, it is worth every penny- lasts for years)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The 80’s are back! At least in the world of makeup, where it is now glamorous to exhibit highly pigmented eye shadows, and sophisticated Swarovski crystal embellishments to create the perfect designer eye.

It’s the season to be bold, and it requires you to retire your neutral makeup shades in favour of bright and dramatic eye shadows. Simpy hiding those uncomfortable spots or enhancing your complexion is no longer enough to convey beauty. You should highlight your features, not conceal them!
For those in need of inspiration, Dior exhibited ‘techno butterflies’ for the Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week. The multicolour spectacle saw the eyes layered with richly pigmented and texturised eye shadows in many different hues, with Swarovski crystals lining each look. Black mascara also subtly defined the upper lash lines as the lips were left bare. In keeping the rest of the face simple, Dior has definitively outlined this season’s trend: it is all about textures that enhance the shapes and shades of the eyes.

 If you are eager to try this trend but are uneasy when using loud colours, Rhiannon recommends lining the eye with a bright eyeliner that attracts the light, whilst keeping the rest of the face fresh and nude.

 To recreate this look, we’ve suggested some recession and student friendly products:

Face (on both models)
Primer – a Gosh primer was used a base to prolong the wear of the foundation. 
Foundation  - YSL liquid foundation and Bourjois liquid foundation.
Powder – a translucent face powder was used to give a matte luminous finish to the skin

For applying eye shadows to eyelids, Rhiannon recommends investing in a blending brush or a tapered brush that will enable you to contour and blend successfully without creasing the shadows.
Rhiannon used Collection 2000 eye shadow pallets to achieve a peacock look on the eyes on both models. On Steph she used purple colours to contour the brow bones, whilst the eyelids were lined with a light green shimmery eye shadow to define her blue eyes. On Tess, Rhiannon used a Gosh triple colour palette with green shades to complement the model’s eyes. Yellow colours were also used to contour the brown tones for a hint of colour.

Makeup: Rhiannon Morrell
Hair: Caitlin Morrell
Models: Steph Aspin & Tess
Photography: Nick Rutter

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