Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cambridge Exclusive: Meet George the Poet!

Meet George. George the Poet. Cambridge's own home grown, sweetest  bachelor of the year. 
 I only met George last week, dressed in a tailored suit I noticed him in the corner of the room. His quiet smile spoke words louder than I could hear. I thought I knew what love was…No this isn’t a love letter.. George is a very different kind of young man, his flow & his content cannot be contested. Sometimes we choose to walk by and keep our eyes and ears closed. George talks about those issues you choose to ignore. The originality of his spoken word, echoes his journey to Cambridge, his journey to becoming a man.  I will let  George tell you himself…..

You can follow George on his Tumblr...
or stalk him on youtube... search George the Poet 

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