Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Just flowers?"

"Just flowers" 
Just flicking though my pictures, I am beginning to realize that my love affair with flowers appears to be never-ending. Indeed, 'petal power' evokes positive emotional stimuli which can be immediate and long-term. Aside from the commonly associated visual aesthetic pleasures of seeing flowers, I simply cannot help it but 'smile', which suggests that there are emotional rewards associated with flowers. Even psychologists attesting to the 'floral attraction' hypothesis also suggest that, there are recognizable features such as the activities of the zygomatic muscle (smiling) which highlight a positive response to flower stimuli, Dimberg and Thell (1988). 
Smiling can be used as a reliable indicator of positive emotional and secondary effects on moods because of the cognitive processes that align (happy) memories with the 'positive' sensory elements evoked by flowers. The brain is a beautiful thing isn’t it? Imagine all those multi-channel sensory interactions busy at work helping to make me 'happy' . Well, it would be interesting to actually understand the neurobiology of emotion in terms of the psychological relationships between flowers and human's sensory properties , but I will leave that to the biologists and psychologists.


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