Thursday, 27 March 2014

Part 2 - Makola Market Accra- The dress making

After several recommendations and a bit of my own homework, I found the perfect tailor/ dressmaker. Located in Makola, in a factory setting with 10 other tailors, he was regarded as the best in town with a backlog of several weeks. Of course you can always ‘pay more’ for a quicker service. I bought the materials for jackets to be made with African prints and gold embroidery.

 Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of all the pieces before giving them away. However, my favourite is this Black and gold dress. It’s a simple design loose enough for hot weather, but too thin for English weather! Although it’s difficult to notice, the black has a shimmer on the outside part of the material because it is waxed which maintains the texture and quality of the material.
My head wrap is simply a piece of yellow silky material for a ‘starch’ like feel for stiffening which enabled me to style it in this way. I also used safety pins to attach loose pieces together. 

The location: Negotiating prices  ( I was tired)

The dress making: 

My brother and I had matching jackets and tops made :) 

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